Saturday, August 10, 2013

Savannahlander Railway

We were planning to drive to Einasleigh but on our arrival at Forsayth we learned that we had timed it perfectly to travel by train, on The Savannahlander Railway. The Savannahlander travels between Cairns and Forsayth over two days, stopping mid journey at MT Surprise with the passengers transferring to The Undara Lava Tubes Resort for the night.  The following morning The Savannahlander departs MT Surprise and terminates at Forsayth, many of the passengers then transfer by coach to Cobbold Gorge Resort. The train stops overnight at Forsayth then departs for Einasleigh the following morning This is where we boarded.

The Savannahlander waiting for us to board at Forsayth Railway Station at 8:30 AM.

Will providing a running commentary of our travel through the country side and driving the train.

Typical of the terrain we travelled through on the way to Einasleigh.

An idea of the interior of the carriages.

A 'Ballast' truck toppled off the line and was deemed too difficult to recover.

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