Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Forsayth Turnout

Being "Johnny-come-lately" Queenslanders we didn't know what a 'Turnout' is. Do we stay in town for another day or drive away like so many others did? We were told it is like a Show Day. "Like the EKKA?" we asked. No not quite that grand but 'everybody' will be there. We thought we better book into the caravan park or we will be homeless! Friday afternoon came and all we saw at the Turnout site was a couple of marques and a few temporary market shelters. We were thinking, this is going to be a "BIG" day out. But as it eventuated, it was a brilliant day of continuous activities. The crowds of families there totally enjoyed themselves. Full credit to the organising committee for a fantastic day.

Log cutting with a 'Crosscut Saw'. The winning pair, one male and one female, sawed the log in 13 seconds.

The greasy pig chase. This is the second release, the first time the pig ran into the exhibits shed scampering under the tables.

You can just make out the pig running behind the marques, it bolted through the cattle yards and back into the bush.

Girls sprint final.

Boys sprint final.

Girls whip cracking. This is the winner, same girl as in the sprint above.

Boys whip cracking, the winner.

Tossing water filled balloons, drop it and you are OUT.

Dog high jump. Some smart animals ran around to the side of the ute and jumped in!

This is the eventual 'Runner-Up' clearing the hurdle.

The eventual winner showing his style.


  1. Hi Guys

    Forsayth, looks a great place at the right time of the year, We will have to keep an eye on this one it looks like a great day out with the locals.

    What are the roads like out there for the car and Caravan.

    Keep up the blog we are itching to get back out there can't come sooner enough for me

    Cheers from the both of us Jim and Lee

  2. Hi James, As with all the roads up north of Australia the roads are a year by year proposition, depends on what damage is caused by the wet. The road to Forsayth from Georgetown, 45 km, is new sealed road bar for 15 km of gravel, and even 10 km of that was OK. The road to Cobold Gorge from Forsayth, also 45 km was badly corrugated the entire way but we travelled in a bus, left our car in the caravan park. Regards Noel