Saturday, August 10, 2013

Einasleigh and Copperfield Gorge

On our arrival at Einasleigh we had a 100 metre stroll down to The Pub to collect our pre-ordered lunch and a beautiful chilled XXXX Beer. After lunch we made our way to Copperfield Gorge, only about 400 metres from The Pub. It's a 'big' town this one.

Copperfield Gorge is formed in a different manner to Cobbold Gorge. Whereas Cobbold Gorge is formed by a Fault Line, Copperfield Gorge was formed by Volcanic Action at a similar time to the nearby Undara Lava Tubes. Copperfield Gorge began as a Lava Tube but over time the roof has collapsed and left an open Gorge through which The Copperfield River now runs, when it rains, that is.

After clambering all over the Gorge, we wandered back to The Pub and boarded Max's Toyota Bus for the journey back to Forsayth. The 'through' passengers on The Savannahlander got back on the train to continue their journey to MT Surprise.

Obviously, The Einasleigh Hotel.

At the rear of The Pub. Note the air conditioning system and the Fire Escape!

An old Dodge Brothers relic beside the Pub.

The Einasleigh XXXX Fire Wagon.

The path down to Copperfield Gorge.

The river outflow end of The Gorge.

Looking Up-Stream through The Gorge.

A wider view of the preceding photograph.

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