Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Leichhardt Lagoon Camping Ground

Only 24 km short of Normanton is a camping ground on private property. The camp ground is beside Leichhardt Lagoon. Although the water level is very low, because of the prevailing drought conditions, the camp ground is in a quite scenic setting, all-be-it a trifle dusty in places. We camped here for two nights before going back into a town environment. With septic toilets and hot showers this is quite luxurious 'Bush Camping'.

We had nothing better to do here other than sit, relax and watch the bird life eke out a survival. We had daily visits from a pair of massive Sea Eagles. On one occasion, an Eagle killed a Catfish but the prey was too heavy for the Eagle to raise it from the water. We also had daily visits from a pair of large grey birds we first thought to be Brolga but on closer inspection, were in fact Sarus Crane. As well as Pelicans and Black Swan we also could see ducks, spoonbills, cormorants and heron.

Looking across the Lagoon to the Station Homestead.

Our camp and our nearest neighbour although in peak times they would have been closer.

We are quite near to the Lagoon, we don't want to be too close though as there is a "Salty" in there.

Not a lot of bird life present but there was a flotilla of Black Swans with Pelicans in the background.

We had a regular visitor to camp, scrounging for easy food. It seems he/she loves the bread and milk we provided.

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