Wednesday, August 28, 2013


As we were already at Normanton the decision was made to take the caravan the extra 72 km for a few days at Karumba. The top temperature each day was about 3 deg below that at Normanton because of the breeze off the Gulf.This made for very comfortable days. Everything about Karumba is highly over-rated, in my opinion. Cramped caravan parks charging top dollar for sub standard facilities and high prices for commodities that are far cheaper in Normanton. For example, a 30 can pack of XXXX Bitter is $63 in Karumba while the price is $49.95 at The Central Hotel in Normanton. If you don't fish in Karumba there is nothing much else to do and all the talk was of a very poor fishing season this year. We made a short visit to Karumba 16 years ago, and believe me, nothing much has changed in the interim.

The mouth of The Norman River and The Gulf beyond from Karumba Point. At night you can see the ships lights way out on The Gulf.

The Beer Garden at The Sunset Tavern at Karumba Point, empty now but Friday and Saturday Nights it was difficult to find a table.

The Boat Ramp in Karumba Township. From this point it is about 3 km to The Gulf.

Caravans crammed-in, but we had a little extra space because we had the BBQ and Pool Entry space beside us.

The obligatory sunset photograph from The Sunset Tavern at Karumba Point.


  1. Hi Noel and Judy

    So when we get up there we will take the car for a day trip and leave caravan in Normanton thanks for the info, did those cooking on the BBQ pass any snags or a beer over to you two because you were so close

    Cheers Jim and Lee

  2. Hi Jim and Lee, Many travellers were leaving their vans at Normanton and travelling to Karumba for the day but most days the temperature was about 3 Deg cooler at Karumba. No didn't score any snags nor BBQ Barra Fillets either. Regards Noel