Sunday, August 11, 2013


Following our five day, busy itinerary at Forsayth we drove the 45 km back to Georgetown for some rest and relaxation. Little did we realise that The Goldfields Caravan Park at Georgetown was full of "Party Animals". There was Bocce from 4PM till 5PM then Happy Hour from 5PM till 6PM, or later!! We had booked in for two nights but extended to four nights. Georgetown is a relatively flat town therefore our fold-up bikes were brought out and we were happy to do some cycle touring around the town. Georgetown with a population of about 300 is the administrative centre of The Etheridge Shire. The Shire is almost the area of Tasmania but only has four towns, MT Surprise, Einasleigh, Forsayth and Georgetown. A Championship Medal was struck for the Bocce Competition. Jude and I were the Yellow Team and we were the proud winners of the medal on one night only to lose it to Dawn and Dennis of the Green Team at the following Tournament.

A recently deceased resident of Georgetown, Ted Elliott, was an avid collector of Gem Stones, Mineral Samples, and valuable metals from all over the globe. The vast collection is housed at "The Terrestrial Centre" at Georgetown. This is a 'Must See' exhibition.

This is only one of many displays housed in the collection.

Georgetown boasts a free swimming pool and water park.

This shady park and Picnic Area is situated beside the swimming pool and at the Easterly entrance to the town.

This five head ore stamper is in the Picnic Area and is in the exact place where it was used. Final ore crushing was in 1941.

The dry sandy bed of the Etheridge River, spanned by the bridge bringing traffic from MT Surprise.

The course of The Etheridge River as it heads towards The Gulf.

A 'Road Train' Mural on one of the sheds in Georgetown.

Jude wearing The Bocce Champions Medal in The Goldfields Caravan Park.

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