Monday, August 19, 2013


Jude and I had been looking forward to revisiting the town of Croydon. It was 16 years ago that we were last in this area and during that visit we only spent one night at Croydon. We both felt that the town had much more to offer.

Before I get too far ahead of myself we also wanted to revisit a roadside stop-over entitled "The Chimney". This Rest Area is only 20 odd km from Georgetown, our previous camp. On our last stop here we were the only campers over several days and the area was very small and dusty. Some things do not change, it still is very dusty but the area is vastly larger and there is space for many campers. Could have been 30 - 35 campers during our one night stay this year.

Now, back to Croydon. We booked into the Caravan Park for a week and then extended for an extra day because of the fun times we were having. The weather was just perfect for our style of slow moving but travelling holiday. Easy sleeping 15 deg over night and low 30's during the day. We managed to latch onto several 'locals' and glean what 'life is' in this town. Life for the Grazier is very tough at the moment. Supplementary feeding of cattle and pumping of water, both these pursuits cost heaps of money and of course the market for cattle has stagnated and consequently the prices are very low. Send a load of cattle to market and receive an account for cartage or keep the cattle on the station and watch their condition decline. Not a great choice either way.

The caravan park was fun to stay in. Park Manager, Rob, who wears many hats in town, from CP Manager to Garbage Truck, Fire Truck and Ambulance driver to mowing council grassed areas, made every visitor feel welcome and wanted. Come to "The Beer and Bullshit" session beginning at 5 PM and might finish by 7 PM, because that was the time the outdoor movie began. A sheet from one of the cabins was strung up in the camp kitchen, a digital projector was set up and 30 or more people brought their camp chairs and formed an arc around the front of the screen.

Rob's contract with the town expires at the end of November and he is leaving to find a better paying job, better than $7.50 per hour.

The Chimney is a relic from the mining days.

The dam behind the Chimney is usually a bird haven but because of the general drought conditions and lack of food there are not too many birds here this year.

Croydon General Store, Fuel and Mechanical Workshop. This business helped us out with a replacement tyre as we travelled through the area 16 years ago.

The General Store is a 'Going Concern' stocked with fresh food and general merchandise but is also a "General Store Museum" and has continually traded since 1894. The products on display in this part of the sore are all 'New', never been sold, still wrapped in the original packaging.

The Club Hotel is the last Pub still in business out of 58 Pubs that were once in business in town.

The workmanship in The Club Hotel staircase is testimony to the competence of the people that were drawn to the area as a consequence of the gold rush.

Croydon Railway Station, the end point for the renowned Gulf Lander Railway that travels from Normanton.

All Aboard. There were no late arrivals for the trip to Normanton.

The masses wave goodbye to The Gulf Lander.

Art work in the town park celebrating the importance of Graziers and Stockman to the area.

Recognising the lives lost from the Shire in all Wars.

Art work recognising The Heritage of the area and including the Croydon Shire Seal.

Another piece of Art work recognising the roll of Chinese people in the Croydon Shire.

About 1.5 km from town towards Lake Belmore is a Look-Out overlooking the town of Croydon.

Lake Belmore is the town water supply and is only 4 km from town. Looking towards the dam wall. The water capacity is down to about 40% as there were little summer rains this year.

The Picnic Pavilion overlooking Lake Belmore.

Kevin and Chris from Horsham. Kevin entertaining us with some guitar playing during The Beer and Bullshit Hour.

Park Manager, Rob, with his two pets, Boots, the dog and Barry, the pet sheep. Boots is friends with everyone who will throw his stick and Barry is friends with everyone who will give him a scratch.

A Bower, under a tree in The Caravan Park. We had a clear view of The Bower and watched the Great Bowerbird strut his stuff throughout the day.

A close-up of the Collection at The Bower.

The Variety Bash called into town for lunch one day during our visit.

Many different types of vehicles were competing.

Full support Services were evident as well. Lunch for the competitors was at the rear of 'The Blue Shed'.

More of the competitors.

Jedd Clampett from The Beverley Hill Billies was in town.


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    Another place that we need to have a look at when we get back on the road, I will have to re-visit all your blogs to refresh my memoir on the places you have been

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  2. I will be pumping your brain for all "The Must See' locations in WA too, James