Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Historic Croydon

Croydon was one of the largest towns in Northern Queensland during the gold rush times of the 1800's. There are a tremendous number of Mining Relics remaining in the area, probably due to the fact that it was too expensive to transport the machinery to any other site. There are also many preserved buildings from the Gold Rush Era that have been restored and are open to the public at free admission.

The Tourist Information Office entry portal. The history of the area is portrayed inside the building and in an enclosed outdoor area accessible from the Office.

This is a reconstruction of a typical Miners' House of the era. It is quite cool under the large verandah and inside the dwelling.

Another style of dwelling, a little less impressive than the previous photograph but still cool inside.

An old British Bedford truck that was used in the Croydon area by a local identity.

Around Croydon one doesn't have to look very far to locate old rusted mining machinery.

Mobile boilers/steam engines are here.

As are larger Flywheels from an old water pump.

In the 'heydays' of Croydon the town boasted gas street lighting throughout the town.

The Old Town Hall has been restored.

The Old Court House has also been restored.

There is a 'Mock' Court Proceeding inside the Court House. Jude is in The Jury Box intently listening to the testimony of the Defendant, Mrs Brown.

The Magistrate hears testimony of the Witness. Sadly Mrs Brown was recorded as Guilty as Charged and sent to the Lock-Up for Two Months.

There are Old Mining Relics all over town, this is behind The Croydon Shire Offices.

A Ten Head Stamper also behind the Shire Offices.

These Old Wartime Blitz Trucks are on Private Property and are not accessible due to Occupational Health and Safety Concerns, not to mention the uncovered mine shafts on the property.

These Mining Relics are on the same Private Property. The Croydon Caravan Park is in the background.

The same boiler that is in the previous photograph also showing the open and uncovered mine shaft immediately to the right of the boiler. As the depths of these shafts are below the water table it is possible to pump from them to water gardens once a water test has shown the lack of contaminating heavy metals.

The Chinese Community were shunned from the town area and this is the sight of The Chinese Temple and Market Gardens. Even though the Chinese were banned from living in the town, their vegetables from the Market Gardens were readily accepted.

As temperatures in Croydon are very high over the Summer Season, this is the usual attire of the locals. Girls are obviously allowed to wear hats!


  1. Hi

    Do you know if there any area around Croydon to fossick for gold? I can try my hand at metal detecting

    Jim and Lee

  2. Hi James, I believe that gold fossicking is possible around most of the Gulf Savannah Region. One must be very aware of the open mine shafts that are every where around Croydon, some difficult to detect. There are warning signs posted all over the place. Regards Noel