Tuesday, August 6, 2013

MT Surprise

On our return from our touring North to Cooktown and West to Laura we camped once again at Rocky Creek Memorial Park. Here we met some of the same people that were here on our previous camp over. They too had travelled around and had returned to Rocky Creek. We stayed for a few days, waiting for the weather to improve, it didn't, so westwards we drove, stopping at MT Garnet for lunch and then continuing on to MT Surprise. We booked into "Planet Earth" Caravan Park for two nights and eventually stayed for four relaxing days of fantastic weather. There is nothing picturesque about MT Surprise and with a population of only about seventy-two, the highway passes a few non-descript buildings and that's basically it. The people of MT Surprise are casual and relaxed and with the mild winter climate most of the travellers are happy and relaxed too.

The "Savannahlander" Railway passes through MT Surprise and we missed it as it passed in both directions, but we did time it right for the Saturday Market. At the market we met several locals including two authors, they each having self published works that we bought and had a lengthy chat with them as well. We also got an introduction to the Policeman's Wife, Liz, she is also an Occupational Therapist and Masseur. Judy, who has been suffering a gradually worsening sore shoulder and upper back for the past few weeks, made a booking and received a relieving massage in the cells at the rear of the Police Station.

The entrance to the town of MT Surprise on The Gulf Development Road, otherwise known as "The Savannah Way".

Planet Earth Caravan Park host Russell, conducts his "Snake Show" whenever there is enough interest from the guests. We learned valuable information about the behaviour of snakes and how to deal with them in the wild.

The MT Surprise Railway Station, The Savannahlander stops here twice a week as it travels between Cairns and Forsayth and return.

An easy walk in an easterly direction from MT Surprise flows Elizabeth Creek.

The Railway Trestle Bridge over Elizabeth Creek.

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