Thursday, October 16, 2014

Poddy Creek Rest Area, QLD.

October 14th. Departed Corfield RA heading towards Winton. As we got nearer to Winton we noticed the undulations in the country were gaining elevation and the trees gradually became more dense as did the stocking rates on the Stations.

Stopped in Winton for a couple of hours then continued towards Boulia, still on The Kennedy Development Road. We intended to have lunch at Poddy Creek RA (#395 Camps 7) but decided to stay for the night. This is a large area with great views of the Diamantina River Flood Plains. We are about 20 km west of Diamantina River Crossing.

The rock formation opposite Poddy Creek is named Castle Hill.

Our Camp Site at Poddy Creek overlooking The Diamantina River Flood Plain. It was a bit breezy perched up here but the outlook was beautiful!

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