Thursday, October 23, 2014

Boulia, QLD to Tobermorey Station, NT.

We didn't leave Boulia very early after I spent an hour or more with a hacksaw blade cutting away a ventilation portal in the roof of the caravan to enable the refrigerator to breathe! My efforts seem to have NOT been in vain as the refrigerator is now maintaining temperatures below 6 deg C. The first night out we made camp at Georgina River Crossing  Rest Area. We had a perfect shady but very dusty camp site beside the river, albeit without any water in the river! We heard at least 2 dozen road trains pass The Crossing, all of them heading East towards Boulia.

By travelling on the wrong side of the road the following day we were able to travel on a relatively well swept road. Our camp that night was Tobermorey Station, just over the border in Northern Territory. Tobermorey Station is 1.5 million acres and the Company also owns the Linda Station over the border in Queensland. Between them, the two stations carry 12000 head of cattle on the Mitchell Grass Plains. Dispersed through the plains are stands of Ironwood, Mulga and Gidgee trees.

In Queensland we were travelling on The Donahue Highway, on many sections, even towing a near 3 tonne caravan, I could have safely managed a speed of 80 kph, BUT, when the road surface changes it changes rapidly, so I maintained at a safe and leisurely 60 kph most of the way and slowed where appropriate. For example one must slow markedly for Cattle Grids and Floodways. Not much wild life out here, dead or alive but we did see one Frill Necked Dragon skittle across the road. Yes, he made it!!

Our very shady camp site beside The Georgina River.

Because these areas have not had any rain since February The Georgina River was only a gravelly river bed. But be warned, this river will flood even if there is no rain in these parts.

Tobermorey Station is a veritable Oasis around the Homestead and the camp ground.

Of course they have their own helicopter! Parked on the lawns in front of the workers quarters. Several Poddy Calves resting in the shade at The Homestead too.

Steam Power from a long gone era with the Power Station in the background.

Lots of bird life frolicking in the sprinklers watering the Camp Area, including this pair of Brolgas. Zebra Finches and Noisy Minors were in abundance as well.


  1. Looks fairly quite out there, have all the tourists gone home for summer. Do you have a destination for this trip or are you just being grey nomads.

  2. Hi Bruce, Yes, it is very quiet. Most times we are camped on our own. All places are saying that it has finished early this season. The last School Holidays was the end of it. We are going around Australia but not sure yet how it is going to happen. We could change direction at any time. Regards Noel and Judy