Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Corfield, QLD

October 13th, Had the damaged caravan tyre inspected at the Dunlop Tyre Centre and I was advised that the gash was only superficial and 'sleeving' the inside of the tyre would gain many more km. That is good news, spending $30 for repairs instead of $300 for a replacement tyre. We restocked the caravan with food and water then departed Hughenden on The Kennedy Development Road. The main feature along this road is the relatively flat plains with very few trees. There has been little rain through this area for three years now and it shows in the condition of pasture. Animals of any type are scarce, there is no fresh 'road kill' along the road that means there is no bird life scavenging for a free meal either. It really is desolate. Although we did see several Brolgas running beside the road. Station owners have sold off much of their stock because of lack of feed. After about two hours we arrived at Corfield, population of about 7 people. We camped in their wonderful and free RV Camp beside the Pub. The Bar opened about 5:30 PM, so we went over, had a chat, a few Great Northern Beers and Green Curry Sausages with rice for dinner.

The Free RV Camp at Corfield. We had it to ourselves again.

The Corfield Tennis Courts behind the RV Camp.

The Corfield Community Pub. This was originally the Public Hall. It has been converted into the community pub following the destruction of the original pub by fire. The Corfield Cup Horse Races are held here the 1st Weekend in August each year.

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