Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hughenden, QLD.

October 11th. Reached Hughenden Noon on Saturday, every business closed. Not willing to travel any further with a 'Dodgy Tyre' as a spare, now have to stay in Hughenden till Monday morning. We are camped in the RV Camp for Self-Contained vehicles beside the Show Grounds. We are eager to continue the drive on The Kennedy Development Road towards Winton. It is very risky leaving the awning out in this town, sudden strong gusts blow out of any direction at any time. Nearly "Lost It" in a phantom Willy Willy. 

This Coolabah Tree has blazes on the trunk with inscriptions by Frederick Walker and Sir William Landsborough whilst searching for Burke and Wills.

Hughenden was on the shores of an inland sea 100 million years ago and is now part of the Dinosaur Triangle with Richmond and Winton. Jude is leading this Muttaburrasaurus for a walk through Hughenden. It is affectionately known as "Mutt".

Queensland State Government Offices.

The Wirilla Mill, this 11m Comet Wind Mill is one of only 15 manufactured. This is #11. This pump ceased to pump water in 1944 but was delivering 69 litres per stroke and about 1,000,000 litres per day with a steady breeze.

The Flinders River, the longest river in Queensland but very dry at the moment.

Another Comet Wind Mill fan, this one installed at a shelter in the Main Street, is much smaller than The Wirilla Mill.

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