Sunday, October 12, 2014

Kennedy Development Road, QLD.

October 10th, we departed Ravenshoe reasonably early, considering we both had consumed fabulous meals at The Club Hotel the night before, much larger than our usual fare. Distance to travel today is 311 km, destination being The Gravel Pits which is 166 km North of Hughenden. Approximately 75 km of the distance was gravel and more than half of that was very rough and 'rocky'. Much of the time travelling at 40 - 50 kph. Just a sample of things to come!! Along the route we were noting many Black Breasted Buzzards,  these look similar to smaller versions of The Wedge Tailed Eagle.

On checking our mechanical status at our nights camp I discovered one caravan tyre with a massive split in the wall. Obviously the GT Radial Adventuro brand of tyres fitted to The Starcraft are rubbish. Take note Jayco. We will need to buy a replacement tyre in Hughenden on Monday.

Lunch Stop at the entrance to Lyndhurst Station.

Bundock Creek. Even though it is very dry in these parts of Queensland there is still some pockets of water remaining. This creek is quite deep and was teeming with life.

The Causeway was creating the weir on Bundock Creek, this side looks very different.

Did you lose a Rubber Boot? There is one here at Hospital Creek.

There has been some road works completed at Hospital Creek, the excavator operator must be an artistic type, creating sculptures out of boulders unearthed during the road construction.

A close-up shot of one of the 'boulder towers'.

Looking back to the caravan across the dry Hospital Creek.

Afternoon 'Cuppa' time at The Gravel Pits.

An early morning shot of our camp at The Gravel Pits.

Compare The Gravel Pits to this site. Earlier in the trip we stopped at Babinda RV Camp. This is located walking distance from town and beside the Babinda River.

The Babinda River. It is only shallow but still running.

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