Friday, October 17, 2014

Boulia, QLD.

Boulia Shire has a Population of 600 People and the town of Boulia has about 300 of those. Although we did not see too many of them. The town is really quiet, with little local traffic and not too many passing through either. Of course the tourist season has passed for this year and will not resume until March next year. We have done most of what we wanted to achieve here, including participating in the Min Min Experience. There have been appearances of strange lights in the sky and nobody can explain what they are or how they appear. Boulia is capitalising on this strange phenomena to attract visitors to the area. The "Min Min Experience" is great to have witnessed. I think we will be back again when the main visitor attractions are happening. They are, The Rodeo, Horse Races and The Camel Races.

We have here the Shire Hall on the right and The Min Min Experience venue on the left.

The Australian Hotel.

They have the Red Stump here.

The combined Supermarket and Hardware Store.

The town Power Station.

And the water supply. Water was once pumped by this Windmill but is now extracted by electricity.

One of the Pavilions at the Boulia Race Track.

Another Pavilion on the bend of the track.

The front straight of the race track.

Part of the Caravan Park with visiting Emu Hen (under the tree) with three chicks.

I caught these three Brolgas down by the water hole in The Burke River but they also visit the Caravan Park Lawns.

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