Saturday, April 11, 2015

New Norcia, WA.

On leaving Whitegum Farm we travelled North through Northam and then onto Toodyay for lunch. Toodyay is a lovely town and has been judged Australia's Tidiest Town for 2015. After our break, we then moved on to a roadside RA just north of Bindoon on the Great Northern Highway. The RA was on the crest of a large hill and as you would expect there were many gear changes from the never ending stream of Road Trains heading North to service the mines. Still managed to sleep well though! Next morning we were heading North again through heavy rain aiming for New Norcia, where we intended to stay the night beside the Sports Ground. The following morning we had booked the 11 AM Tour of the Precinct. The Walking Tour takes 2 hours and most of that time it was raining. Fortunately, most of us had umbrellas, this was the first time we have needed to use ours. New Norcia has quite a long history and the story is fascinating to hear.

Part of the main street of Toodyay
The original Post Office now has new tenants.

Many country towns have grand Hotel buildings.

An early flour mill.

This is the Monastery at New Norcia.

The Bell Tower in The Abbey Church. The bells chime every quarter hour.

Inside The Abbey Church.

The huge Organ inside The Abbey Church.

Inside St Ildephonsus Chapel. The art work inside these chapels is absolutely stunning.

Inside St Gertrudes Chapel. The art work and all fittings were produced onsite by various Monks.

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