Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Great Southern Highway, WA.

Leaving Wagin we mostly followed The Great Southern Highway but we did make some deviations from the most direct route. Our aim was to visit as many small country towns as possible. Stopping at Williams for morning tea break, then passing through Narrogin which is quite large as it is the main town in this region. We eventually made camp at the very small town of Cuballing utilising their excellent free RV stopover. We walked over the rail lines to the "Cuby Tavern" and stayed awhile, eventually had dinner there too. The old tavern building was excellently maintained with the high pressed metal ceilings a wonderful feature. Jude and I had quite an adventure negotiating the rail lines by Moon Light on the way back to the caravan.

The next morning saw us heading for another free RV Camp at Yornalling Dam. There were two motorhome travellers camped near us, both of them had travelled from Queensland. There seems to be a large number of us travelling around WA.

On leaving The Dam we headed for Pingelly, primarily to empty the toilet cassette. While I was involved in that operation I somehow put my back "out" in a very painful manner. This event occurred just prior to lunch on a friday. I had zero chance of any medical assistance. We limped 8 km North of Pingelly to a free RV Camp at Kulyalling Park for the weekend as I did have an appointment with a Bowen Therapist for Monday morning back in Pingelly. Kulyalling Park was the Site of the Kulyalling School back prior to 1946. Not much happened at 'The Park' but we did have fellow campers for company.

We stayed 2 nights at Pingelly Caravan Park to be near the Bowen Therapist and to give my back some chance to recover and stabilise.  After 90 minutes on the table I was able to walk upright out of the rooms. 10 days elapsed before I was fully mobile though.

Pushing 'On', we reached the free RV Camp in Avon River Park at York. This RV Camp has free power and water available to visitors. Well done York!

We had booked at The Beverley Caravan Park for a 4 day weekend, joining in with The Swan River Rovers Muster in the Caravan Park. The 'Rovers' are one of the Perth Chapters of The National, Australian Caravan Club, which we had only joined last December. We had a wonderful weekend with The Rovers there being 25 caravans in total and made some new and lasting friendships.

The entrance to the town of Williams, home of a Wool Museum.

Yornalling Dam. as with most of these inland country dams, they were constructed to supply water to the Steam Locomotives that serviced the country areas.

There is a large RV Camping area adjacent to the dam that also provides several short walks for the campers.

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