Monday, April 27, 2015

Kalbarri, WA.

While travelling North we had to pass through the town of Northampton, we stopped there for our lunch break. This town was, very recently, evacuated because of a major fire in a premises on the Main Street. The business was a hardware and fuel retailer and the fumes from the fire were highly toxic as well as the water 'run off' from the fire fighting effort. The smell from the burnt out premises was very evident during our visit several weeks later.

While our BT50 was parked near the Foreshore when visiting Geraldton, some person placed a Top Tourist Caravan Park brochure under our wiper blade. This offered a 4 day deal for the price of 3 and over the ANZAC Long Weekend here the deal was doubly attractive, so here we are!

The very first morning in Kalbarri required a 5:30 AM wake-up alarm so that we could attend the ANZAC Dawn Service. The attendance at the Dawn Service was very good with a wide range of "Ages" in attendance. The School Children made their own wreaths to lay at The Cenotaph which was a great personal contribution.

Later that day we visited Kalbarri National Park which borders the town area. The Gorge was formed by The Murchison River over many millennia. The walk trails are steep and rough but well worth the effort involved.

If you are a "Fisherperson" then Kalbarri is the place to come to. Maybe some other time for me.

The 'Burnt-Out' premises in Northampton. The smell emanating from the site was quite over powering.

People laying Wreaths at The Cenotaph during The ANZAC Dawn Service.

The Dawn Service is almost complete now and the day is brightening.

The view of Kalbarri and The Murchison Estuary from Meanarra Hill on the out skirts of town.

The mouth of The Murchison River from The Zuytdorp Memorial. The Zuytdorp was an early Dutch three masted Trading Vessel that foundered on the coast here in 1712.

The beautiful town of Kalbarri from The Zuytdorp Memorial.

Part of the lobster fleet in the marina.

Part of the rugged coastline South of Kalbarri.

Z Bend Gorge and The Murchison River in The Kalbarri National Park.

Notice the people far below on the River Bank at the bottom of the photograph. We were soon to be down there!

Part way down and time for a 'breather'.

We made it! Only need to get back up again!

"Natures Window" in another part of The Kalbarri National Park. All the climbing in the NP is over quite rough terrain and care is required to prevent injury.

There are Warning Signs everywhere advising against getting into places like this but that doesn't apply to me!

At the Tudor Caravan Park, where we are staying, they have a Pet Long Billed Corella named Fredrika. She talks very clearly and is quite friendly, particularly if you have some fruit to feed her.


  1. Hi Noel and Judy

    Natures Window is a great place we have some old pictures of the same place in 1978 (the old pictures) are pack away in our sea container one day when old and have nothing to do I will have to scan into PC (if I can remember how to do it when the times comes ha ha)

    Cheers Jim and Lee and stay safe on the road

    1. Hi Jim and Lee, How is the House Sitting going? We are doing OK over in your territory, dodging Cyclones and masses of horror flies! Everything other than that is going well though.


      Noel and Judy