Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Geraldton, WA.

With our short "hops" Northward we are now enjoying warmer weather, day and night. We are extremely pleased about that! We made a stop at the free RV Camp in the town of Dongara and returned the favour by doing some essential shopping in town. I managed to wash the car and caravan while camped in the RV camp, it was really required badly.

While emptying our toilet cassette in the morning we renewed acquaintances with Kevin and Jacqui, whom we had first met at Kojonup several weeks ago. We met again at Seven Mile Beach and then we both moved onto Geraldton for a couple of days. It was good to sit around and swap travel and 'life' stories with each other.

We have enjoyed our stay in Geraldton, it is a vibrant community of about 46,000 people and provides most of the necessary services. We have been informed that it is wise to do any necessary shopping here as prices escalate greatly as one travels further North.

I have the BT50 booked at Pedders in Geraldton for a 'suspension upgrade'. I am having "Air Bags" fitted to beef up the rear suspension a little. I must be loading the vehicle a little too much with all our necessary gear. We will be leaving here on Friday morning heading for Kalbarri.

Our very clean car and caravan in the free RV Camp in Dongara.

Sunset at Seven Mile Beach with a Lobster Boat in the foreground.

Part of the Main Street in Geraldton.

More of the Main Street.

The Courthouse complex at Geraldton.

The HMAS Sydney Memorial in Geraldton. It is stated that there are 647 Seagulls making up the Dome, representing all the lives lost with the sinking of The Sydney.

The centre Cairn is in the shape of a ship's propeller and all the names of the 647 lost members of the crew are displayed on the Black Granite wall in the background.

"The Waiting Women". This Bronze Statue symbolises a Wartime Wife looking for the return of her missing Family.

Who said it was 'windy' here in WA? Well this backs up their story! Just 20 km South of Geraldton, this is one of the River Gum Trees in the paddocks along the way.

This is an all metal Lighthouse. It was fabricated in the UK and shipped to Australia and installed here.

There is a great Foreshore Development in Geraldton. This is part of that development, Emu Eggs as depicted by the Indigenous Community.

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