Friday, April 17, 2015

Nambung Station, WA.

We had completed the 2 hour tour of New Norcia and while having lunch before driving on to our next destination. I noticed that all the South bound traffic was extensively covered in mud. It was my guess that there were extensive road works to the North, so we chose another route and stayed clean, well, for a while anyway!

We reached Moora and stayed in their wonderful, free RV camp in the centre of town. This is directly opposite their IGA Supermarket and Celebrations Liquor Store. We shopped extensively at each of these businesses and also had a new tyre fitted to the caravan at the local Hankook Franchise. The town did OK out of our visit just by providing a free overnight stay. Great thinking I would say!

It was only a short drive to Cervantes and then South to Numbung Station, where we planned to stay for a few days. It was only when we got to Numbung Station that we learned that we could access Nambung National Park through the back boundary fence of this property. Brian, the Station Owner, escorted us and a family, that was staying in The Bed and Breakfast area of the Station, to the unofficial entrance into the National Park. This is the very same National Park that is accessed from Cervantes to the North but with many more Limestone Pinnacles here than are viewable from the Cervantes entry. The Sand Dunes move 10 or more metres per year. This means that some Pinnacles are covered with sand and others become exposed. If you came back here every couple of years the view would be totally different.

The sand around these Limestone Pinnacles has been deeply scoured to reveal quite large stone formations.

Another outcrop.

Climb over another dune and more Pinnacles come into view.

Keep walking and the more Pinnacles that you will discover. Must remember your line of travel though for your return trek. It all appears the same out here!

On the crest of a Sand Ridge with more sand in the background.

Jude atop a Sand Ridge with a vivid blue sky backdrop.

Still another formation of Pinnacles.

Not sure whether these Pinnacles are going under or being exposed!

The Amenities and Camp Kitchen at Numbung Station.

Two of the four campers in residence while we were there.

The Fire Pit, consisting of a loop of old 'dozer tracks, circled with a high fence to keep the chill winds at bay.

Some future steaks from Nambung Station.


  1. We will have too keep that one in mind when we get back to that part of the country

    All well here in Townsville starting to cool down a little

    Cheers Jim and Lee

  2. Yes Lee and Jim, Numbung Station is a great camp. Do keep it in mind. The mornings have been quite cool over here as well, down to 10-11 deg, great for sleeping in! As we move nearer to Geraldton the days are improving, reaching into the low 30's. Regards Noel

  3. Wild flowers are out in areas of Nambung station today. There must have been 30 varieties in the section I saw yesterday.