Sunday, April 19, 2015

Dandaragan Shire, WA.

Some of the Shires that we travel through genuinely seek to accommodate the RV traveller, Dandaragan is one of those progressive Shires. All the RV travellers that we spoke to were very thankful for the services and camping areas provided by this Shire. The other Shires should have a 'good look' at themselves and discover what they are missing out on. Cervantes, Jurien Bay, Sandy Cape and Green Head are all in The Shire of Dandaragan. As is The Stockyard Gully Cave. This cave is a natural water course that has carved a wide tunnel through the limestone rock for a distance of 250 metres. Of course once you make the first bend in the cave darkness reins supreme. A good strong torch light is essential for this walk. Many years ago this water course and cave was used as a 'short cut' by stockman droving cattle from the North enroute to the Perth Markets.

The pristine beach at Jurien Bay. The ocean water is very clean along the West Coast because of the lack of rivers that transport silt from the land.

The Dandaragan Shire Offices in Jurien Bay. One wonders where the money comes from to construct these palaces.

This photograph taken from Sandy Cape looking North towards the terrific camp ground.

Sandy Cape looking South.

Green Head, also known as '3 Bays'. This small centre bay is flanked by two larger bays.

Looking North from Green Head.

Walking along the dry creek bed to Stockyard Gully Cave.

At the up stream creek entrance to the cave.

The down stream opening to the cave.

Entering the down stream end of the cave for our return journey.

Good torch light is essential otherwise you might bump into obstacles like this one in the total darkness of the cave. You can see the water level when the creek is running.

Made it through for the second time.

Native bee hives on the chasm wall very near to the cave entrance.


  1. Hi Judy and Noel.. we were there in this cave Oct 2012.

    1. Hi Andy, we remember you guys well, we met at Merbein, camped alongside the Murray River. Hope you guys are still enjoying your travels as much as we do!

  2. Hi Judy and Noel just testing to see if this works

  3. Yea it worked, hi guys how are you both, glad to see you are both enjoying our lovely country. That cave I have been there but I wasn't too rapped with all the bees flying around, we have a hate relationship lol they chase me. I did see a beautiful little bat just inside the entrance ever so small. I will read further of your blog, it has been very hectic here right now, continue to enjoy and I will e.mail you soon, thanks for e.mailing me
    jan .

    1. Hi Jan and David, We have checked out your blog posts too! There is so much to see and do over here, we don't want to rush things at all. We didn't notice any bats but they could have been there, not seen by us.

  4. Hi Judy and Noel, thanks, we are well and still travelling on and off, been up to NT and WA for 6 months lap in 2012. Been up to the Memorial Dome too. There were so much to see and do in WA.