Thursday, March 12, 2015

Great Southern Forests Region, WA.

To explore this region we made Manjimup our base and initially booked in for 2 nights. We extended our stay by another 3 nights to achieve our objectives. Many other travellers came and went in that period.

By using "Manji" as our base we were able to drive out to Pemberton, Northcliffe, area of the devastating Southern Bush Fires and the tiny town of Quininup.

Manji is a great town to visit. With a population of about 5000 people the town has most of the facilities that you would need.

The major attraction in Pemberton is their Tramway. This runs on a section of the old logging train rail line. The Trams were originally used in Fremantle. Jude is on board early and not going to miss the tour. 

The Tramway passes the current Pemberton Sawmill.

There are several trestle bridges over the creeks in the area.

At one point we disembark from the Tram and scramble down to the rapids, although there is not much action in the stream on this occasion.

Driver, Adam, discusses the controls of the Tram to several interested male travellers. This is the extent of the travel distance as this trestle is unsafe to cross. You might make out the Stop Sign in the centre of the tracks ahead.

While at Pemberton we also visited The Gloucester Tree, of course. Unfortunately, these days I suffer from mild vertigo when I am more that a few metres above ground level and did not make the attempt to climb the beast.

This is the 'Top Half' of the tree that sits on the base shown above. 63 metres in all.

We are almost out the Bush Fire affected area of Northcliffe.

We were able to park the rig above and walk back to this area that is totally blacked out on both sides of the road. Notice the regrowth in the rushes and the Grass Trees (Blackboys) in little more than two weeks.

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