Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kojonup, WA.

Kojonup, population about 2500, is one of those naturally friendly towns. Everybody we spoke to was in a great frame of mind. The 72 Hour RV camp area, including Dump Point and Potable Water, is adjacent to the town area and at $5 pn is excellent value. Also, there is well maintained Toilets directly across the Highway. 

The first two nights here we experienced rain, the first rain in the area for 6 months! Even the Galahs were ecstatic. Sqwarking in their usual manner but hanging upside down from power lines, flapping their wings. Having an "under arm wash" perhaps.

Kojonup is proud of their Little Train, The Spirit of Kojonup. This train was repatriated from The Perth Zoo, restored to its former glory and put into service on the local rail tracks every First and Third Sunday Mornings. A further 10km of track is almost at the point of being Government Certified. This will give the Town greater opportunity to exploit their "little Rattler".

These new arrivals pulled into the RV park beside us. It was a surprise to them as well as ourselves that we knew each other from Geelong, Gary and Dee are now from The Sunny Coast of Queensland. We were having Happy Hour with Gary and Dee and in pulls another caravan! We soon learned that Kevin and Jackie were also from The Sunny Coast, so it was a meeting of The Queenslanders.

The final morning while we were all packing up our gear for the exodus we noticed a women walking a German Sheppard and a Miniature Pony. This was a most unusual sight. The Pony was not a great deal larger than the Sheppard.

Wool Bales on an old wagon, at the entrance to Kojonup. As this suggests, Kojonup is a Cropping and Sheep Grazing area.

Part of the 72 Hour RV camping area beside the disused Railway Lines.

The Spirit of Kojonup Railway at the Station waiting for us to board.

The Driver and Fireman ready to take us away.

Turning the Locomotive ready for our return journey.

These Blog Posts in the making!

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