Saturday, March 14, 2015

Albany, WA.

While camping at Cosy Corner we were very near to Albany and made several trips into the City for shopping and Sight Seeing. We also had to replenish our drinking water supplies in Albany on a couple of occasions as there was no supply at Cosy Corner. This meant filling Jerry Cans and subsequently transferring the precious liquid to the caravan later. We had the best of both 'worlds', ready access to city services and a very quiet beachside camping experience.

The Albany Whale Processing Plant. Of course this has not been in operation for many years but has been preserved as a historical reminder of our past.

Directly across the bay from the Whaling Station is the City of Albany.

The Amity is another great attraction at Albany. This is a replica of the vessel that bought the first English Settlers (Convicts) to Western Australia.

This small room, less than 3m x 3m, was the Galley that managed to feed all of the Officers, Crew and Convicts.

Setting a Course heading to Broome!

The Anchor winch and the entrance hatch to the Officers Quarters.

This is how the Crew and Convicts bunked. Judy is sitting on the opening to the Freight Hold.

The Officers Accommodation was far more elaborate than that provided for the Crew.

Down in the Freight Hold everything required to set up a Colony was packed into this area. The food supply was stored in the Barrels and accessed as required.

Since November 2014 Albany has been home to The Albany ANZAC Experience. For that is what a visit to this Museum is, a memorable, interactive experience. We spent 4 hours in here and wondered where the time disappeared to.

The ANZAC Centre has a commanding position above Albany Harbour.

The walk up to the "Look Out" point takes you past Plaques on the left side that describe all the vessels involved in the initial fleet and the purpose of each craft and what they carried.

At the Look Out over Albany Harbour. This expanse of water was where the entire fleet was anchored.

There are several defensive Big Gun emplacements on the high ground as well.

Buildings of the original Military Base are still in existence and used to this day.

HMAS Perth Association Rooms and Museum.

The Red Fire Truck Tourist vehicle has nothing to do with The ANZAC Centre, but is an exact replica of the Fire Appliance that I drove as a Volunteer Firefighter in the 1970's.

As we drove into Albany from Cosy Corner on the morning of our intended visit to The ANZAC Centre we saw the impressive size of The Diamond Princess moored in Albany Port. We both said, "Oh, No, there will be 3000 people off that ship crawling all over Albany!" Well, it wasn't quite that bad but there were about 3 Coach Loads at The ANZAC Centre.

The Diamond Princess sailing out of Albany Port at 4PM.

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