Thursday, March 12, 2015

Cosy Corner, WA

The Labour Day long weekend in WA was looming and we had to find a place to camp. As usual with any long weekend, families hit the bitumen in search of camping experiences. We phoned ahead and were able to book in for 4 days at Peaceful Bay Bush Park. At $56 per night for 2 people it was very expensive. We didn't want to guess what families were paying but the camp area was virtually booked out.

We received a surprise phone message from Andy and Don, long time friends of ours from Geelong who happened to be passing through the area on their way to Busselton. We were able to secure the adjoining site to ourselves for Andy and Don. A great three days was enjoyed by all, including our short term neighbours, Macca and Thommo.

Our next camp was at Cosy Corner, a great free beach side camp between Denmark and Albany. Here we made camp for the allowable 7 nights. From our base at Cosy Corner we were able to drive out and visit the neighbouring places of interest, such as Denmark, William Bay, Green Pool and The Tree Top Walk.

We hadn't set up camp at Cosy Corner before we met Ray, Karen, Chris and Leigh, some of the people we shared a New Years Eve Dinner with at The Kondinin Hotel, what a small country we live in!

The beach at Cosy Corner, looking East towards Albany. The surf pounding on the beach lulled us to sleep each night.

Looking West towards William Bay. One afternoon a large Pod of Dolphins made a very close visit to the swimmers in the water, passing as close as two metres.

This is the beginning of The Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk near Denmark.

This is the level we are progressing to, 40 metres above the ground.

Now we are traversing this span at the maximum height of 40 metres.

We are descending now and Jude has plucked up enough courage to peek over the side.

As well as the Tree Top Walk there is a ground level loop amongst the biggest trees.

This particular tree has been Titled "The Grandmother Tree" One is supposed to use imagination and see a face at the base of the tree.

All these leviathans have gaps in the base of the trunk, not all of them as large as this one though.

Surprisingly, considering the mammoth height of these trees, they are very shallow rooted.

William Bay, is very beautiful and popular with locals and visitors alike. Green Pool is a very safe swimming lagoon ringed by rocks in the foreground.

There is a very gradual entry to the water from the Clean, White Sandy Beach.

Sturt Desert Pea in a roadside garden in Denmark.

This is about the extent of the Main Street in Denmark.

Riverside Park in Denmark and The Denmark River.

The Main Road Bridge over The Denmark River leading into Denmark.

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