Monday, March 16, 2015

Porongorup, WA.

Porongorup, pronounced Prong - grup, is a very small community and home to a thriving Wine Producing Region and also The Porongorup Ranges. These Ranges are home to Castle Rock and The Skywalk.

Castle Rock and The Skywalk is a moderately difficult 2.2 km walk with a continuous uphill gradient from the Carpark to the Summit. Our knees and quads were burning on the descent and you needed to make certain of your footfall on the very uneven track.

We think this is one of the "Must Do" tourist experiences in WA.

"Tree in a Rock". This very large tree really is growing in rock, there is no soil whatsoever. I presume the tree roots are embedded in small crevices through the rock structure.

Part of The Porongorup Ranges as viewed from the Tourist Track.

Judy part way up the 2.2 km walk to The Skywalk at Castle Rock.

Having a 'breather' on the steep track to Castle Rock.

Nearing the peak of Castle Rock we gained a fabulous view of The Stirling Ranges.

Almost at our destination and passed Balancing Rock.

I made it this far!

The final section is a Rock Scramble. Various foot and hand holds have been installed to make easier progress. Judy cheated this section and crawled under these boulders.

Judy scaling the Face of Castle Rock.

Judy on The Skywalk.

The Skywalk is an amazing piece of construction.

Panoramic Views are gained from The Skywalk including down, through the mesh floor.

It was truly worth the minor exertion to reach this point and take in the views.

If you don't want to go through the Rock Scramble the consolation prize is the view from this alternate lookout far below.

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