Monday, February 23, 2015

More of The Blackwood River Valley. WA.

Following our stopover at Wrights Bridge we headed for Manjimup, calling into Balingup, Greenbushes and Bridgetown on the way. The highway through The Blackwood River Valley is a stunningly beautiful undulating bush drive. Forestry is a major industry of the area. Numerous Log Trucks are encountered on this highway.

Balingup is what you might term a quirky town. There are many alternative lifestyle type businesses in the town. It is also the town where Jude encountered a King Skink of about 20 cm trapped in a toilet bowl. I wasn't going to be the one trying to rescue the reptile, as they have long clawed feet.

We were advised that we "had to stop" at Greenbushes, so we did! We spent so much time there that we stayed 2 nights in the extensive free camp provided by the community. Here there is town water and modern, clean toilets.

Bridgetown is a town of two faces. Some of the businesses are very untidy and grotty looking but others are very clean and professionally managed. It is difficult to understand how the progressive businesses don't put pressure on the others to lift their act. There is a great Caravan Parking Bay behind the old Railway Station adjacent to the Main Street.

The Balingup Tavern.

A Pixie Home in the gardens of this property.

The Old Cheese Factory is now an Arts and Craft Museum.

The Tourist Information Centre at Balingup, framed by by two brilliantly flowering Crepe Myrtle.

As a matter of fact there was an entire street of Crepe Myrtle.
While taking photographs of the Crepe Myrtle trees I was standing under one of these trees and noticed strange pods suspended from long tendrils.

Then I noticed this Stylised entry to a Park. These are the Pods that were hanging from the trees. None of the locals that I approached knew the name of the trees?

The Old Greenbushes Court House.

From the Court House culprits where sent across the road to the Gaol.

Two Lock-Ups, a small Exercise Yard with a open air Privy.

There is a working Tin and Tantalum Mine. The Open Cut has ceased operations but the mine continues as an underground operation with the entrance at the base of the Pit.

Fresh excavations are visible in the background for a new Pit Operation.

The Exchange Hotel, Greenbushes.

A Community Garden in Greenbushes.

The Main Street of Greenbushes. Just beyond the purple sign behind the trees we called into the Greenbushes Discovery Centre. It was very interesting, we spent some time there.

Termites are a bit of a problem with this shop front.

The Shamrock Hotel. Both Pubs open from 3 PM.

The very popular Greenbushes Water Hole. These youngsters were from Donnybrook.

The Greenbushes Water Hole from another aspect.

Bridgetown Secondhand Shop.

Bridgetown Town Hall.

The Main Street of Bridgetown.

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