Monday, February 23, 2015

Augusta, WA.

We arrived at Augusta and almost didn't have a place to make camp! "Fully Booked", the Receptionist at Turners Caravan Park said. Jude asked "are there any unpowered sites?" "Oh yes, we have a couple of those" So we were in! Mind you, at $34 for NO POWER AND NO WATER, we think that is a trifle steep. Although, I think we had the best site in the camp. Fully grassed and in Full Sun.  In Augusta, full sun is not a negative issue as it is very cool there under the influence of The Southern Ocean Breezes. After 3 nights the Caravan Park had thinned out considerably and we added to that effect, moving on to Nannup.

The original Town Jetty on the Blackwood River Estuary. East Augusta is located in the background on the far side of The Estuary but it takes something like a 40 km drive to get there!

The Blackwood River entrance to The Southern Ocean from the Town Main Street.

One of the swimming beaches on The Blackwood River. People were actually in the water swimming too, even though we were rugged up from the chill. Turners Caravan Park is visible at the water's edge in the background.

This is as close as we got to Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. There is a charge of near $10 to walk up and stand beside it, and a lot more if you want to climb the staircase inside.

The Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse and The Southern Ocean. On the far side of the headland is The Indian Ocean.

Adjacent to The Lighthouse is a Water Wheel that once pumped spring water to the Lighthouse Community. The sluice is now green with slime as the spring is drying up.

The Water Wheel, she don't turn no more. Very much calcified these days.

Augusta now has a brand new Marina at a cost of $36,500,00. It was officially opened November 2014.

Jude standing alongside The Storm Wall of the Marina. Some mighty big rocks there!

A sloop entering the Marina.

The safe haven of The Marina.

Looking back from The Sea Wall over the 4 lane Boat Ramp and Trailer Park you can see the rock face from where all the material for the Marina was obtained. Transport was not a major issue here!

There are No Water Restrictions here in Augusta. I was able to wash the BT50 and the van. This was the first scrub down the awning has received in nearly 6 months. It was really quite grubby.

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