Monday, February 23, 2015

Nannup and Wrights Bridge NP, WA.

Nannup is an Old Forestry Town situated near the centre of The Blackwood River Valley area and, of course, beside the Blackwood River. Nannup is home to an Annual Music Festival. Sadly we were a week early. The Caravan Park and the 'Overflow Camp' are already fully booked anyway!

The Shire Council is very slow acting, it seems. River Walks are all barricaded due to fallen river banks that have not been repaired. Looks like the damage occurred many months ago, probably the last river flood.

We met David and Vivienne, travellers from Perth while at Nannup CP. They moved out to a Conservation Park camp at Workers Pool and the following day we drove out to see them and continue our tales of previous travels. Leaving them we went onto investigate Barrabup Pool and then back to our camp at Nannup.

After 3 nights at Nannup we moved on.  We stopped at Wrights Bridge National Park for a morning tea break and then stayed the night. It was a great camp area with very large sites for large caravans. There are two camp areas and a day visit area that is beside The Blackwood River, this has a great swimming hole. Kim along with her Poodle, Finnigan were great Camp Hosts and Ranger Assistant Lloyd supplied a lot of Local Knowledge.

The Nannup Town Hall.

The Main Street of Nannup.

Every Town has to have a Pub. Meals here are reputed to be very good.

An Arc of Food and Beverage Stalls located at The Music Festival Site.

The Sound Shell is directly opposite The Food Stalls. All the Patrons bring their own chairs or Picnic Blankets.

The Old Rail Bridge over The Blackwood River at Nannup.

Various Flood Levels are recorded on this tree. Take note of the Yellow Marker near the top of the photo, this was the 1910 Flood. Must have been a beauty.

The Barrabup Pool Swimming Hole in The Blackwood River. As I took this photograph from a timber bridge we heard the scratching of a large King Skink (30 cm) directly behind us. Seemed as if it was searching for insects in the timbers of the bridge. Unfortunately the beautiful glossy black reptile moved too quickly for me to capture with the camera.

Arborists were busy in the trees beside the Caravan Park and Music Festival Site removing potentially dangerous limbs. Note the Flouro Dayglo Shirt out on a limb in this close up shot.

The normal shot displays how high he really is. No Fear, these guys.

Wrights Bridge over The Blackwood River. An older version is still evident alongside the new.

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