Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Margaret River Region, WA.

There are many people on the move around this area of WA, this makes finding camp sites difficult in some areas. We have been told that 'Grey Nomads' escape Perth's heat over summer and visit the southern regions before heading North along the coast in late May and June. Busselton for example is a popular destination. Twice we have attempted to book in there and they have been booked out both times. After a brief look around Busselton we headed South to the Margaret River Region. Instead of camping in Margaret River itself, we chose to book into Big Valley Bush Camp at Rosa Glen, which is 9km East of Margaret River. The Bush Camp is located on a working sheep farm but the camp area is set up as a normal Bush Caravan Park with the usual amenities, power, water, showers, toilets and laundry and large Camp Kitchens. The Hosts, Kevin and Shelley are very friendly and welcoming. We would recommend this stay to travellers in this area.

From our base camp at Big Valley we were able to explore a wide area around Margaret River. One day we did a loop drive, leaving Big Valley and heading East until we reached The Blackwood River. There are several camp areas located on this river and we wanted to check them out for a potential future camp site. As we expected, all the better sites were taken by people who looked like they were in 'for the long haul'. Not permanents but long time campers. We continued South and West over to the Coast at Hamelin Bay. This is a quiet and secluded little beach haven for swimmers and fishermen. This bay is also home to visiting Eagle Stingrays. We were lucky enough to see several of these creatures when the visiting Europeans got out of the water and allowed the stingrays to come into the shallows. We continued Northwards along The Caves Road to Redgate Beach and then Prevelly Beach. The drive along Caves Road is a delight in itself. As it's name implies Caves Road passes most of the Limestone Caves that are prevalent in this area of WA. Prevelly Beach is also where the Margaret River reaches the Indian Ocean. Because of the dry season the Margaret River Mouth is silted up at this time.

The Busselton Visitor Information alongside The Busselton Jetty.

Busselton Beach, swimming enclosure and Beach Volleyball Courts ready for a Tournament that's happening soon. One of the reasons we cannot book into stay here.

Busselton Foreshore Park.

Looking to shore from the halfway point on the Busselton Jetty.

Still a distance to walk yet, we are only at the half way point.

Whoops, Jude nearly lost her hat in the sea breeze on the end of the Jetty.

Looking 1.8 km back to shore from the end of the Busselton Jetty.

Looking across the paddocks from our camp site at Big Valley Bush Camp. Note the smoke in the air from the nearby Bush Fires.

One of the two camp areas at Big Valley, each with it's own Camp Kitchen and amenities block.

Looking through the second camp area at Big Valley. We are camped in centre frame in the background behind Bob's Coaster Bus Motorhome.

Chapman Pond on The Blackwood River. This camp area mostly caters for tent and camper trailer campers. There is only a couple of small caravan sites.

One of the Local Residents at Chapman Pond. This Goulds Monitor, locally known as a Racehorse Goanna because they run so fast, wasn't too concerned at our invasion of it's privacy.

Hamelin Bay, good swimming beach with a boat ramp for the fishermen too.

One of the visiting Eagle Stingrays that frequent this beach for some reason best known to them selves. 

Redgate Beach, also popular with swimmers and board riders.

There are some dangerous rocks at Redgate Beach too. The Steamer Georgette lies on the sea bed only 90 metres from shore at this point.

Nautilus Shell shaped beach enclosure at Prevelly Beach. Ideal for our lunch break. The sound of the surf is magnified in the shape of the enclosure.

Underwater rocks at Prevelley Beach.

The Main Beach area at Prevelly Beach. This area is also the Mouth of The Margaret River, although it is silted up at this time because of lack of water in the river.

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  1. Looks like a great area to explore. I'm sitting at home waiting to see what cyclone Marcia does tonight and in the morning. It's been raining most of the night but not a lot of wind yet.
    Safe travels.