Saturday, November 1, 2014

Woomera, Roxby Downs and Andamooka, SA.

On our lay-day at Pimba we went for a drive through Woomera to Roxby Downs the town servicing the Olympic Dam Mine. Only 30 km from Roxby Downs is the small Opal Mining town of Andamooka. Andamooka actually makes Coober Pedy look and seem "normal". The 'sheds', 'huts' and 'houses' are built amid the slag heaps. Very unusual to say the least! Woomera seems like a well tended "Ghost Town". Barely saw a person there other than tourists. They don't even open the Museum as advertised. Roxby Downs is a town of 4000 people, 2500 of those work at the Olympic Dam Mine. Even though the town boasts every amenity it seems fake or artificial, a bit like a town created for a movie production. All the streets look the same, and all the houses are too much alike as well. I was so much impressed, I didn't bother taking any photographs!

Our first impression of Andamooka.

Some old, retired machinery on display. Note the two storey brick house in the background, this home is out of 'sync' in Andamooka.

Sheds and retired cars amongst the slag heaps.

Huts and Sheds are the predominate dwellings here.

Some dwellings are perched on the slag heaps.

Six Emu Chicks foraging in Andamooka. Mother Emu was not far away either.

Rocket display in Woomera from the area's golden past.

Rolls Royce rocket engine.

The remains of a rocket test. Collected and returned to Woomera.

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  1. Thanks for the travel reports. My next trip will be to Brunswick Heads for xmas with Tony, Tammy and the grand daughters. It will also be my first trip in the motorhome on my own since losing Julie but she would not want me to stop traveling.