Saturday, November 8, 2014

Smoky Bay, SA.

Departed Streaky Bay in a Northerly direction, just so happens we also had a blustery wind from that direction. We made a slow but steady trip up to Smoky Bay with the intention of booking into the caravan park there and sitting in the van with the air conditioner going full blast. Several other caravan travellers followed us in, great minds think alike! The van park was deserted all afternoon until the southern change came through, then all the air conditioners were turned off and everyone was out and about. About 5:30 PM we took a stroll around the seaside village, this didn't take us very long!

The Bayside strip along the foreshore.

This is the only shop in town.

"Beware the Dog" sign on the gate, but without a fence.

Quaint little Community Church.

Smoky Bay Pier, restored (rebuilt) in 2012 at a cost of $640000. The original cost 5700 Pounds in 1912.

The carpark at the pier looking back over the village and the foreshore of Smoky Bay.

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