Friday, November 7, 2014

Streaky Bay, SA.

Chris, along with his canine offsider Fido, whom we first met at Lake Lascelles, Hopetoun in Victoria earlier this year, e-mailed us and said, "your heading my way, you had better call into Streaky Bay and stay a couple of days". As it happened to be only a minor divergence from our planned route we jumped at the opportunity to catch up with them again. Chris was busy setting up a new enterprise but he gave us some travel hints for the area till we got together again each evening. So Chris, Good Trading in the new business.

Streaky Bay is a very neat and pretty seaside town surrounded by cropping country and with access to The Southern Ocean. On a future journey we will spend more time investigating The Eyre Peninsula in full. 

Wudinna, pronounced 'wood in a'. Is another town in the cropping belt. We stopped here for a driver break on our way to Streaky Bay. To recognise the value of the farmer to the area the community commissioned this granite statue that was completed in 2009. Of course there are silos in this town too, forming a back drop to the statue.

The Streaky Bay Pier.

Great looking hotel in town is opposite the pier.

One of the main streets of the CBD.

We drove a 214 km circuit from Streaky Bay taking in some of the highlights of the Eyre Peninsula coast south of Streaky Bay. 'Murphy's Haystacks' was one of the stops on the circuit.

More of the strange rock formations eagerly visited by many travellers.

Another pair standing alone here.

The furtherest point on our drive was here at 'Baird Bay'.

We were virtually driving back to Streaky Bay along the coast and taking side tracks into various points of interest. This is The Sea Lion Colony at Point Labbat.

Jude holding on to her hat at Point Labbat.

Typical of much of the coastline of Northern Eyre Peninsula.

This is Sceale Bay.There is a small community here of maybe 50 homes.

The Award Winning Public Toilet at Sceale Bay. Notice the window! It is possible to sit in there and wonder at the vista of the bay.

The southerly view back to Point Westall.

Looking North and over looking a feature known as The Granites. The Granites are the black rock formations along the sea line.

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  1. It was my pleasure to have you both stay, if only I had of had more time , to show you sround, once fido got use to having you around he didn't bark as much he has become very protective off his little spot