Thursday, November 13, 2014

Across The Nullarbor, SA. to WA.

Bearing in mind the rigourous WA Quarantine Inspection on reaching the Border of SA and WA, we planned the number and place of our daily camps so that we could buy only the quantity of fresh fruit and vegetables that we would consume in that time. For travel beyond the border crossing we bought frozen vegetables, something that we rarely do.

First camp out was Cohen RA. This is a large stop-over and very near the site of, the now removed Cohen School. Total number of camps that night was about 7.

The following morning we pulled into Mundoo Roadhouse for morning tea. We also had a great conversation with a Dutch couple in  Australia for their second visit, this time for 10 weeks. We diverted to the "Head of the Bight" for a scenic look at the beginning of the Bunda Cliffs, these cliffs will continue westwards around the Bight for 800 km. To the East  lay the silky looking white sand dunes. After lunch here we travelled onto 164 K Peg RA. for our end of day camp. The Peg number indicates the distance to the WA Border in kilometres. I have a deep feeling that I camped here 20 years ago on our previous trip back from Perth. We met up with Mick and Karen, who pulled in to camp shortly after us. Of course we downed a few ales and swapped life histories.

We still had fresh food to consume before we crossed the WA Border Quarantine Station so the days travel was shortened to the 10 K Peg RA and have a slap together meal. During the day we pulled off the road at all the Scenic Lookouts. Mick and Karen followed us into this camp where we continued our previous night's conversation.

The following day we took advantage of another day of East Winds to travel as many kilometres as possible on improved fuel economy. Who knows what tomorrow is going to bring? Being Remembrance Day. A day that some of us still revere in this country. At Madura Pass Look Out we stopped and maintained a minutes reflection of past sacrifices. After an early lunch we moved onto our camp to be, Moonera Well RA. Can't see any well here! We also had to deal with a sudden time change moving into WA. During the Eastern States Summertime period there is a 3 hour time change as you cross the border. It's going to be a long day.

The final camp before we reached Norseman was at Mount Pleasant RA. Soon after we set up camp down came the rain, and it rained all night. Moved onto Norseman the following day still in constant rain. I think the forecast is for rain all day. After a walk around Norseman we moved out to our nights camp at Lake Cowan RA en route to Kalgoorlie. With the generator running I am processing this blog post.

Cohen RA, SA

Silky White Sand Dunes at Head of the Bight.

The beginning of The Bunda Cliffs at The Head of the Bight.

The Rainbow Dragons apparently eat ants. 

Camp at 164 K Peg RA, SA.

81 K Peg Scenic Lookout, SA

Bunda Cliffs Scenic Lookout, SA.

13 K Peg Scenic Lookout, SA.

10 K Peg RA, SA.

Madura Pass Lookout, WA.

This Queenslander didn't finish his can of XXXX at Madura Pass Lookout.

Moonera Tank RA, WA.

Seems Norseman, WA. was named after this horse.

The slow moving Main Street of Norseman, WA.

Galvanised Corrugated Steel Camels on this roundabout in Norseman, WA.

Our rig looks a little cleaner after a full nights rainfall.

Our very wet camp at Lake Cowan RA, just north of Norseman, WA.

Lake Cowan is sort of visible in the distant mist.

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