Sunday, November 2, 2014

Port Augusta, SA.

Port Augusta is where we change direction. We've been travelling South, from now we will be travelling Westward. It was near 40 deg on our arrival here, with a very stiff N/NE Wind to boot. The second day the wind had changed to S/SE and was very cool.Many people delayed their departures that day because of the strong wind gusts. We've stayed on for a third day to gather some provisions and have a look around the city on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. We will leave our Gulf side camping site tomorrow morning and begin the Westward leg of our journey.

Looking South along the Wharf at Port Augusta and into Spencer Gulf. The Port Precinct is adjacent to the CBD.

This bridge carries the traffic from Highway 1. The parkland in the background leads into the Wharf Precinct above.

Looking North along Spencer Gulf over the skeleton of an old barge.

Matthew Flinders viewed Spencer Gulf from this vantage point in 1802. This is looking North over the main railway bridge.

From the same vantage point as above but looking South over Port Augusta.

Alongside the walkway at Matthew Flinders Lookout we noticed this succulent in flower. It was interesting because the buds, before they bloomed,  looked like jewels. The plant was glistening in the sunlight. If you enlarge the photo you should see it too. 

Port Augusta boasts a wonderful Arid Lands Botanical Gardens. This is the Information Centre/Restaurant.

This is only one section of the 5 to 6 km of walking trails through the Arid Lands Botanical Gardens. These Gardens are very worthy of a visit if you ever come to Port Augusta.