Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tibooburra, NSW

Tibooburra is a great little town that is almost as far away from any place in NSW as one can get. The area is known as "Corner Country" for a good reason. Many of the roads are unsealed but are generally in good condition. Unless, of course, if there is heavy rain, then, all roads are closed. Many travellers return to this town year after year. If you love red soil, well, this is the place to be. Tibooburra is generally known as the hottest place in NSW during Summer but now in late Autumn it is very comfortable.

The second of The Early Pioneer Commemorative Memorials is situated in Tibooburra. One of the elements of the display is a replica of Sturt's Boat. As you know, Charles Sturt thought there would be an inland sea north of The Flinders Ranges and hauled the 'Whaleboat' here to no avail. This display was commissioned to Anthony Hamilton.

Tibooburra boasts a Drive in Theatre.

The 'Two Storey Pub' or Tibooburra Hotel.

Corner Country Store and Cafe.

One of the original homes of the town is Mulga Timber framed and boasts murals along the front wall.

The other pub, The Family Hotel, was once owned by the artist Clifton Pugh.

Evidence of Pugh's ownership of the hotel is quite obvious when you step inside. Photographs are allowed as long as you donate to the RFDS.

More Pugh Art.

A regular art gallery in this pub!

Art of a different nature, this mural is on an external wall of a building.

Clifton Pugh at work again this time in The National Parks Office. This represents "The Corner Country".

This is the top left area of the mural above.

There is a great display in the National Parks Office of Sturts Expedition.

Sturt's Expedition comprised all of this list.

A local has made this model display of The Sturt Expedition.

At the rear of The Granites Caravan Park is this hill of granite boulders, the rock feature at the top right was the inspiration for one of Clifton Pugh's art works in The Family Hotel. Can you pick which one it was?

Our camp site in The Granites behind this 'Fire Pit' area.

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