Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bulloo Development Road, Queensland.

Approximately 20 km north of Noccundra Hotel we turned east on The Bulloo Development Road, alternatively known as Adventure Way. On this road we were going to pass through the towns of Thargomindah, Eulo and Cunnamulla.

Thargomindah (Thargo) is a neat little town, but the business proprietors don't like being disturbed from their 'gossip sessions' to serve a tourist customer. I get the impression there is 'easy money' from the gas and oil workers so why be worried about frugal travellers' dollars.

Only stayed one night at that place then went on to Eulo, a totally different atmosphere here, friendly towns' folk and a great night in The Eulo Queen Hotel for dinner and to watch League Football on the TV. The first match we have seen for several weeks.

We considered staying in Eulo for another night but eventually moved onto Cunnamulla for lunch and a walk around the town before deciding whether to stay in town or go out the highway to a 'Free Camp'. The free camp won the toss of the coin.

The Main Street of Thargomindah.

An Historical House in Thargomindah.

Behind the Historical House is The Thargo Thunderbox.

The Bulloo River in Thargomindah from the town weir.

The Eulo Queen Hotel. We had a great night inside and camped out back for $10.

As with many outback towns, the water supply comes from The Great Artesian Basin.

The gravity tank for the town water supply.

Eulo hosts several different activities, Mud Baths and Lizard Racing for another.

The Eulo Lizard Racing Track.

Several years ago (several million) you might have encountered this fellow roaming around Eulo. The Diprotodon was Australia's largest mammal ever.

The Main Street of Cunnamulla.

Double life size statue of The Cunnamulla Fella. The name is a tribute to the many stockman from the area and described in a poem by Stan Coster. This poem was later immortalised in song form by Slim Dusty.

The Warrego River in Cunnamulla from the town levee.

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