Thursday, May 22, 2014

Balonne Highway and Moonie Highway, Qld.

As we leave Cunnamulla we join The Balonne Highway and stay with it until we reach St George. Before St George, however, we would make our first stop at Murra Murra Creek Rest Area. 110 km East of Cunnamulla and 66 km West of Bollon. As I am approaching Murra Murra RA, I make the 'gut wrenching' discovery that we do not have enough fuel to reach St George. "Should have topped up at Cunnamulla!!" We do have enough fuel to reach Bollon, maybe, hopefully, they have a fuel outlet. As it eventuated, they do have a "Part Time" fuel outlet. You must first call into Deb's Cafe and then someone will drive down and unlock the pumps for you. PHEW! We've got a big fuel tank but it is not everlasting. After all, I last filled it at Tibooburra in NSW.

After our lone camp at Murra Murra RA we drove onto Bollon and made camp for the night in the town's excellent Rest Area. Bollon loves RV travellers and has made facilities available to encourage them to stay for a while. With some fellow travellers we stayed for three nights and could have easily stayed longer.

Now, with our fuel tank full we travelled onto St George. Here we had arranged to meet up with some fellow travellers, Colin and Rita, whom we had first met about two years ago and still keep in contact with. Very much like us, they hitch the caravan onto the car and head off for several months of 'free wheeling' travel. After coffees and a fun chat, we had already stocked the 'fridge, pantry and swapped LPG cylinders, we drove out the Moonie Highway to Toorumbee Rest Area for another solo night tucked into the trees and out of sight. Next morning it was an easy 83 km drive to Westmar for our next stop. Here we would have camping company. Westmar is on a 'cross roads' junction and there is constant movement of 'multi trailered' trucks from all directions. Apparently there are Cattle Feedlots nearby, this therefore explains why there are cattle road trains bringing fresh cattle in and others taking finished cattle out. Of course these animals need to be fed and there is also a constant flow of trucks to supply the bulk food. Westmar has a great RA with toilets and hot showers, of course the truck drivers are using these as well but the facilities are cleaned daily.

Camped by Murra Murra Creek. It is all flood plain here, wouldn't want to be here if it rained too much.

Wallam Creek at Bollon. The level is very low and the creek has actually receded back from the town weir. Can you make out the ladder in centre photo? At normal level people must be able to reach the ladder from the water to climb to the over head limb. There is about a three metre gap right now.

Wallam Creek again.

This family of ducks enjoying a splash in the Wallam Creek. The ducks also come around the RV camp looking for a hand out.

This walking trail conveniently passes the RV camp.

The Bollon Hotel, only the locals go there, the Publican doesn't like the RV campers apparently.

There is a fabulous Heritage Centre in Bollon that is manned by volunteers. This apparatus was used to clean the channels that once radiated from The Artesian Bores. Of course most of the Open Bores have now been capped and the water is piped to areas of need.

Two 'Gas Producers' from WW11 era when petrol was rationed.

This small grader is dwarfed by todays' large machinery.

Our camp spot beside the Wallam Creek.

The Westmar Hotel/Motel on The Moonie Highway.

Our camp spot at Westmar adjacent to the Hotel. Even though we are close to the highway, traffic noise is not a problem.

One of the many Feed Lot trucks that pass through and most of them stop here.


  1. Hi Noel and Judy, There is a good free camp at Chinchilla Weir if you are passing that way. Also if you are going through Brigalow, our friends Barry and Gale who built the house at 32 Sempfs Rd are staying in their 5th wheeler behind the Brigalow Store. Gale's sister owns the shop. Drop in and say hello from us.
    Safe travels,
    Bruce and Julie

  2. Hi Bruce, I read your comment too late to act on the contents. As you will read next we did stay at Chinchilla Weir but alas we have already passed by Brigalow. Otherwise we would have called in and indeed say hello.