Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Milparinka, NSW

2 km off the Silver City Highway to the left and about 40 km south of Tibooburra you will find The Heritage Town of Milparinka. Milparinka is not a 'dead' town but still has a couple of operating businesses. One being the recently re-opened Albert Hotel and the other is a kangaroo processing industry that has employed up to 25 people. By making a payment of $10 to the 'Heritage' volunteers you are permitted to camp on the town common and peruse the Heritage Display at your pleasure. Our day here was overcast and cool and sure enough that evening while having an excellent steak meal at the hotel we had a heavy shower of rain, probably about 5 ml, just enough to make the road sticky for our departure in the morning.

The Court House has been restored and houses all the memorabilia and records.

The Police Station has also been restored.

Behind the restored underground water tank is the restored Police Residence. This now houses the visiting volunteer staff during their two week rostered duty.

Not all buildings have been restored, this was once the bank.

A plate steel silhouette depicts the gold mining heritage of the area.

This similar silhouette depicts the early pastoral settlers.

There is also a display of mining and farm machinery in the sheds.

The school site is recognised by the School Name recorded by the students from about 1901, Federation Time. The sign is constructed of quartz rocks and spells "Milparinka Public School".

Jude sitting outside the Albert Hotel, Milparinka.

Another piece of roadside Local Art as you approach Milparinka.

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