Saturday, May 10, 2014

Broken Hill and Silverton, NSW.

Instead of paying $40 pn in a Broken Hill Caravan Park we drove the 20 odd km out to Penrose Park, Silverton, and paid $20 pn. We had visited Silverton before and not a lot has changed in the Historic Mining Town.

We did drive into Broken Hill for a brief 'look around' but mainly to stock up the pantry and the refrigerator in readiness for our 'northwards trek along The Silver City Highway to Tibooburra, this will be our final stop-over in NSW before entering our home state of Queensland.

We received e-mail notification today that this travel blog is ranked #1876 in the top 50000 Internationally. I knew we had many "hits" daily but did not realise that we would rank that highly.

Because Broken Hill is a City it naturally boasts larger buildings.

City Hall, the grandeur of this building betrays the wealth that was historically in the City.

The miners were on another level, their buildings are on a much smaller scale. There is still a large number of these old Miners Cottages still lived in today.

The view due West from Mundi Mundi Look Out 5 km out of Silverton.

A relic of a car still parked beside the ruins of a home in Silverton.

The Silverton Hotel, one of only three business still viable in Silverton.

This is one 'hot' Volkswagen, parked outside the Hotel.

One of the local residents, he wanders around the town and checks out all the tourists for hand-outs.

This is the Silverton Gaol.

The Silverton Municipal Offices.


  1. If you rated in the top 10 do you get a free holiday ? Pooj

  2. I didn't see any offers for me, they are only promoting their own web status!

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