Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Cameron Corner and Sturt National Park, NSW

While at Tibooburra we had to do 'The Must Do' drive out to Cameron Corner, the junction of South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland. It is a 141 km drive from Tibooburra, gravel road all the way. We left at 9:00 AM precisely and returned at 5:00 PM.  We drove out via Cameron Corner Road and returned through The Sturt National Park via Middle Road, 'Jump Up' Loop Road and the final 20 km on The Silver City Highway, 313 km for the round trip. We had a lunch break at The Cameron Corner Store while we were in Queensland. The scenery was arid, interesting and always changing.

Salt Pans.

Coolabah Trees.

Clay Pan.

Cameron Corner, Jude is standing in Queensland.

I have my right foot in Queensland and my left foot in South Australia.

Jude on the Queensland side of the Dingo Fence.

Parked out front of Cameron Corner Store.

We had to shut The Gate at the Dingo Fence after returning to NSW.

Ghost Trees. All these trees died due to prolonged inundation during the Big Wet of 1974.

Gibber and Salt Bush Plains.

Heading into Sand Dune Country.

Bottom Bore, and water tanks from a bygone era.

Old Windmill and water tank. This is a common sight along the route on abandoned stations.

One of the many dry creek beds we crossed.

Fairly recently abandoned Olive Homestead.

The Out Buildings at Olive Homestead.

The Jump Up on the left of us.

Mountain Range to the right of us.

Jude standing on the edge of the Mesa.

The view that Jude is looking at in the above photograph. You can make out the red soil track that we will be following out.


  1. You two certainly find some wonderful places on your travels, it gives us an insight of what we must do on the next tour though this area

    Keep up the good work Jim and Lee

  2. We are "gearing up" to tackle more out back travel and our confidence is growing as well. Slow and Steady Pace and minimise risk, should get you through.

  3. Enjoying reading your blog. My wife and are heading up that way in July 2016.