Sunday, June 2, 2013

Forrest Beach Caravan Park.

Must be time to report on our whereabouts as we are leaving our present beautiful camp location at Forrest Beach Caravan Park tomorrow morning. The Forrest Beach Hotel/Motel/Caravan Park complex is actually located in the small town of Allingham, which is 18km, through magnificent Sugar Cane Fields, from Ingham. We booked into Forrest Beach CP for a week, as without power, we only paid $100 for the week. While we have been here we have toured the local area extensively and separate reports will appear over the next couple of days. We were able to purchase replacement bicycle tubes at Halifax another small town out of Ingham. The bikes are now repaired and we have been cycling all over Allingham.

Our camp site for the week. A quiet corner that was out of most of the SE breeze. We have just cleaned up all the gear ready for the exodus tomorrow.

The locals boast of a 12km beach, well this is half of it, looking south, the other half extends just as far looking north.

Looking out towards Orepheus Island from our beach. The tide has turned and is on it's way in. The fisherman are catching Barramundi off the beach. Need to watch out for the 18 foot croc that is lurking out there though.

This is the view of the Forrest Beach Hotel/Motel with the Caravan Park visible way down the back. The beach is just to the left of picture.

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