Monday, June 3, 2013


Ingham is the main town in the region and is home to Victoria Mill the largest Sugar Mill in Queensland. Ingham is also the main service town for the satellite communities of Lucinda, Halifax, Taylors Beach and Allingham. Ingham has a population of about 11500 people and therefore has most of the services that the people living here require. Of course it is not too far to drive to the City of Townsville and all that it offers.

Ingham is a fairly basic country town but it does have a very large park splitting the north and southbound lanes of The Bruce Highway, that, of course, is routed through the centre of town.

Another view of the central park.

This, apparently, is the very Pub that Slim Dusty sang of in his well known hit song "The Pub With No Beer".

Adjacent to the Library, Art Gallery and the Tourist Information Office is the well presented Wetlands Park, known as The Tyto Wetlands Park Precinct.

Another view of the Tyto Wetlands Park including the elevated walkway that links The Tourist Information Office to The Library and Art Gallery Area.

As this is a major Sugar Processing Area it stands to reason that historical relics of the Sugar Industry would be included in this Precinct. This is an elevated view.

The same elements of the display from a different perspective.

This is a Sand Sculpture of The Tyto Capensis (The Eastern Grass Owl) that gives it's name to the Wetlands Area that it habitates.

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