Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Etty Bay

Many travellers that we met along the trail suggested that we should visit Etty Bay as it is a beautiful secluded beach camp. We were also told that as the caravan park is rather small and very popular, one must book in advance to be guaranteed a space to camp. We followed that advice and pre-booked for a week long stay. On our arrival we indeed found a beautiful secluded beach camp but we also found a camp area of very small sites with very tight access that was half vacant. The non-powered site that we booked and paid for was a larger site but not remotely near level. It took us three times as long as usual to get a reasonable set up and even then we were sleeping on a slope, at least the gas 'fridge worked OK. Most campers near us were not happy at all, one couple left with days still paid for. Management would not come at any refunds for any reason. There was a No Pets Policy at the CP but friends of management had a dog with them, they also had two cars on the site, another infringement of CP Policy. As you can detect we were not very happy campers, three days would have been plenty long enough and we will not be returning. I guess one has to strike a blank once in a while and we have not found too many so far.

On the side of the road into Etty Bay we found our first Cassowary. It was feeding on fallen fruit from the trees along the road side.

The Cassowary got tired of my attention and strolled off along the road.

It is 'Low Tide' at Etty Bay, this allows a lot more beach area to walk on, otherwise the beach is very small. Looking back towards the camp area and The Life Savers Pavillion.

Further away from camp and looking back along the coast.

We went for a short drive through Innisfail to Flying Fish Point. The beach foreshore here is still to recover from storm damage, like many other areas.

Another Cassowary walking through our camp late one afternoon. It had already raided the fruit bowl of our neighbour's Camper Trailer Awning.

Checking out these campers now. The Cassowary scored two bananas at this camp the previous visit.

The view of the beach area from our awning. Tandem Sky Diving on this beach as well.

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  1. The Etty bay CP sound like it was great until I read a little further down the notes, I will cross that one off the must see.

    You must watch those cassowary's as long as they when for the fruit and not you

    Keep them coming