Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wongaling Beach

After taking on board several recommendations of Wongaling Beach and Bali Hai Caravan Park as a great stop-over we decided to give it a try and booked in for a week long stay.

Bali Hai CP is fairly small in area but has a very friendly atmosphere about it. Happy Hour each evening at 5:00 PM in the camp kitchen was always a babble of voices as campers related their days adventures. On two evenings a camper with a large boat had come back to camp from the Reef with an Esky full of fish from the day's fishing. Apparently he didn't eat fish so he gave it to everyone in the camp for a community sea-food dinner - fantastic.

Bai Hai CP is also the 'Mecca' for Sky Divers, we were constantly entertained by the colourful "Chutes" zooming into the beach opposite the caravan park with Dunk Island as a back drop - a beautiful piece of Australia

Across the road from the caravan park is Wongaling Beach with Dunk Island in the back ground.

A view south along the beach towards South Mission Beach.

A view north along the beach towards Mission Beach.

The 'Chutes' have just opened after a lengthy "Free Fall".

The first 'chute' to land on the beach.

Then another.

Several down now and still more coming. Nine Parachutes was the maximum load for the aeroplane, some solos but most were tandems.

On another day, you can make out the parachutes in the sky looking from our camp site.

Because Bali Hai is the Sky Dive Centre all the sky drops land on the beach opposite the camp area.

Our camp site with Sky Dive Centre in the background. Every Tandem participant has to go through a pre-jump course here before leaving to board the plane at Tully Airport. All the parachutes are packed here at the centre as well.

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