Friday, June 21, 2013

The Tully Beaches

While we were in the area we went for a drive along the North Tully Coast. The most northerly beach is Garners Beach, then travelling back southwards there is Brookes Beach, we did not find beach access here. Bingil Bay was next, a beautiful beach with a very small camp area with about six small sites directly on the beach, we wouldn't be able to get our van into the sites there. Narragon Beach was next, no access here either, due to extensive earth works the entire area was barricaded off. We then arrived back at Mission Beach. We had been through 'Mission' about sixteen years ago and we recall a vibrant holiday place with packed caravan parks, we could not find a vacancy anywhere so travelled on. This year the parks are only half filled and there are parking spaces galore along the main road. Shops have been closed, the entire town looks un-cared for and depressing. Wongaling Beach is 4 km south of 'Mission' and is alive with people walking the beach. Woolworths built their "Mission Beach Store" at Wongaling! That sort of tells a story! Further south is South Mission Beach, which in reality is really just an extension of Wongaling Beach but the two are divided by the outflow of Wheatleys Creek.

Another day we took a short drive north of Innisfail and turned off at Silkwood heading for Kurrimine Beach. Seems every house at Kurrimine has a fishing boat in the yard and an old tractor to launch the boat.

Jude on Garners Beach, there is only a small parking/picnic area here but it looked like a 'Whizz-Bang' was there for an overnight stay.

Bingil Bay with the very small camp park behind the row of Coconut Palms.

An abandoned building on the Mission Beach foreshore.

Mission Beach with only one person walking.

The foreshore camp ground at Mission Beach, almost empty. The previous time we were here this camp ground was packed tight.

The 'Hub' of Mission Beach, barely a sole here as well. I think I recall the only people in the Bar were the Bar Staff.

Kurrimine Beach Boat Ramp, tractor and trailer parked.

Another two tractors with trailers at the Boat Ramp. Must be a good market for retired tractors.

The beautiful beach at Kurrimine.

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