Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bushy Parker Rest Area

The motor in the car barely warmed up on our travel northwards to our next camp at Bushy Parker RA located at Rollingstone. The entire distance from Toomulla RA was in the region of twelve kilometres. Rollingstone is also the road junction to reach Balgal Beach CP. The camping at Balgal Beach is very limited, therefore it is very difficult to find a vacant site this time of year.

Jude and I camped here some sixteen years ago, the RA didn't have a name back then and   accommodated around 100 caravans and you could stay as long as you wanted. Now the RA area, named after a local WW11 Spitfire Pilot Hero, is reduced by restrictive fencing and is limited to 30 caravans and 48 hour stay, although some seemed to disregard that requirement, most camp sites have reticulated water. Bushy Parker RA was at capacity each night we stayed there.

Across the railway line is The Rollingstone Hotel, we checked it out and it hasn't changed in any detail over those sixteen years, even has the same paint job.

This view looking towards the railway line, noise is not a problem though.

This view looking back towards the RA entrance.


  1. Only 12km, You beat us for the shortest move are was 28km, we are still in Cranbourne until next Tuesday then making our way back to the west for a couple of months
    We have placed an order for a new Caravan called Van Cruiser so if you see any on your travels asked them if they are having any problems with it? our won't be ready until late Nov or Dec

    Glad to hear you still having fun

    Cheers Jim and Lee

  2. Have a good trip back home, see you around the country somewhere, someplace. 'Till then will keep an eye open for your Van Cruiser and get some feed back if we can. Cheers Noel