Friday, May 24, 2013

Saunders Beach

Our travels so far have been to get to this point in time and place. Our holiday begins now that we are north of Townsville. Saunders Beach is only 22 km north of Townsville and this became our first stop-over. We were warned that the Rest Area (RA) here is very small and we may have to pass this one, but we were lucky today and drove straight in. One hour later and all the prime positions were gone. By nightfall however, another fifteen campers had set up. Our neighbouring campers had travelled from Bundaberg.

An afternoon shot looking south along the beach towards Magnetic Island.

A vastly different sky. This shot taken in the morning and looking north along the beach.

A very tidal Althaus Creek enters the ocean beside the parklands at Saunders Beach. Clouds cover the peaks of the range in the background.

We enjoyed a bike ride south along the foreshore. There are houses to our right and many of the owners keep the foreshore mown and in some places gardens are cultivated.

Our camp. This shot taken early afternoon before the hordes of late arrivals appeared.

I was busy with the pliers pulling "three cornered jacks" from my thongs and the bike tyres, sadly there is no more riding the bike for me until we reach Ingham and buy two new tubes.


  1. Was it hard to bang in the three cornered jacks we in the west call them double gees, any how, are you going to get out of riding the bike after Ingham
    Ha Ha

    Jim and Lee

  2. Ha, Ha Jim, I should sell the bikes at the next Sunday Market but Judy says NO! I have to try and get new tubes, probably at Hallifax near Ingham. The weather here at Forrest Beach is beautiful, just a tad breezy but we are right on the beach. How is it at Lakes Entrance?