Friday, May 24, 2013

Toomulla Beach

On the move again and a further 22 km north along the Bruce Highway to Toomulla Beach. The Rest Area here is far larger than at Saunders Beach, and it needs to be, as there are many more campers set up here. It is a slight disappointment here though as there is no easy access to the ocean beach. You need to wade across a deep and muddy bottomed Saltwater Creek to gain access to the beach. We were not prepared to do that.

We stayed for the night though as we had good television reception to watch the NRL Football broadcast, a 'must do' on a Friday night.

Saltwater Creek at Toomulla Beach under a brilliant azure sky. This creek bars easy access to the ocean beach.

Alongside Saltwater Creek and along the entire length of the Esplanade is well kept parklands.

This is half the of the Rest Area at Toomulla Beach. Campers are parked at all different angles, all seeking the most sunshine for their solar panels.

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