Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cape Nelson and Cape Bridgewater

Access to the "two capes" is through Portland. Cape Nelson is a rocky windswept outcrop jutting into the Southern Ocean with a lighthouse erected on the point. There is nothing else to say of it. Cape Bridgewater, on the other hand, is also a windswept rocky outcrop, with only two forms of vegetation being able to exist there, but there is also a very beautiful beach on a sweeping coastline to the east of the cape.

The lighthouse at Cape Nelson. You will notice scaffolding around the light due to maintenance operations. The result was that this is as close as to the lighthouse as any tourist could hope to get.

The ever present Southern Ocean swells crash into the rocks at Cape Nelson and cascade into the air.

Very similar to the previous photograph, same effect different location. This is Cape Bridgewater,

Also at Cape Bridgewater is a formation known as 'The Petrified Forest'. The rock casings that formed around tree trunks millennia ago are very evident.

With the sparse vegetation of Cape Bridgewater in the foreground, beyond the car park you can detect one of the reasons your electricity bill is getting larger by the quarter. This is only a small section of the "subsidised and uneconomic wind farms" that are all over the western Victorian coast. On this day the blades were basically stationary.

The very beautiful beach at Bridgewater with the Cape in the background.

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